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Second treadle switch L01, L02, L04 purchase suggestions

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:10月 24, 2020

Many people don’t understand what kind of treadle switch Newheek has, and it’s hard for customers to tell them apart or choose which one is more affordable. Now let me introduce these three treadle switch briefly, hoping to help you.
First of all, our company’s three types of treadle switch are different in size, L04 treadle switch greater than L01 and L02, this is mainly because of the size of the different hands, different habits of regional people, our products are sold all over the world, in the pursuit of a high degree of experience era, we have to adapt to different needs, European and American customers can choose L04 Customers in Southeast Asia can choose L01 and L02 treadle switch.
L04 type treadle switch are prismatic, with texture on the outside. L01 and L02 type treadle switch are streamlined. They are more comfortable to hold. The appearance design is simple and generous. Both are white design.
Second treadle switch

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