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Safety switches are used in animal X-ray machines

Author:Glinda    Time:10月 18, 2018

Safety switches are divided into cable x ray hand switch and wireless safety switches, can be configured in veterinary X-ray machine, veterinary X-ray machine high frequency inverter technology, high kv large capacity arena, also can for large canine animal photography, designed for animal research and development mode of filmmaking, through safety switches, control exposure precision, time is short, less dosage, more stable, unibody construction covers an area of less, allocation of 220 v power supply can work normally.
safety switches
Portable X-ray machine head can be removed, lightweight design, easy installation, X-ray tube ball cylinder is placed in the lead, effectively blocking leakage ray, more to protect the environment and the safety of operation, small volume, performance than the conventional power X-ray machine, and safety switches for remote control the exposure function, can greatly reduce the radiation, to environmental protection and the safety of operating personnel more.
Newheek safety switches are divided into two and three gear switches, which can choose safety switches according to the type and configuration of your X-ray machine.
Our safety switches use omron micro-switches which increase the service life by 6 times and are stable, making the handle more comfortable and durable.

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