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Replacement Manual Switches for Portable X-ray Units

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:11月 16, 2022

Portable X-ray device hand switch has two control exposure modes, wired and wireless, Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. produces replacement manual switches for portable X-ray devices.
Generally, the hand switch of portable X-ray devices is designed with two gears, one gear for preparation, and the second gear for exposure. When purchasing a portable X-ray device, you need to pay attention to whether the configuration is in compliance. This is because the X-ray machine will emit rays after exposure. It is harmful to human radiation. Therefore, the designer of the two-speed hand switch can control the successful exposure only under the conscious exposure conditions of the operator, so as to prevent the hand switch of the portable X-ray device from exposing and emitting rays due to misoperation. Some customers said that the remote control of the wireless exposure handbrake that is matched with the purchased portable X-ray device is the first gear. Is this unsafe? When using the wireless exposure handbrake, it is generally far away from the portable X-ray device, and the X-rays received are less. Relatively speaking, the harm caused is relatively small, and the first wireless exposure hand switch also has an anti-mis-touch design. It must be pressed for 3 seconds to remotely control the exposure of the X-ray machine.
Before using the hand switch to control the exposure of the portable X-ray device, it is also necessary to check whether the connection of the hand brake line or the receiving end of the wireless hand switch is in good condition. Periodic detection during use of portable X-ray equipment.
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