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Remote control switch application

Author:Glinda    Time:1月 23, 2019

Remote control switch is mainly used in X-ray machines, industrial X-ray machines and animal X-ray machines.It mainly controls X-ray exposure. X-ray hand switch can keep people away from the radiation of X-ray machine, especially doctors and people who have been exposed to X-ray for a long time.
Remote control switch can minimize the radiation, so that people who have long-term exposure to X-ray machines have certain protection.
Remote control switch application
Remote control switch is a handheld switch with two levels. Press the button to make it work and release it to break it. Press the button to Ⅰ file through the first steps, all press Ⅱ gears connected, Ⅰ file remain on state at this time, hand brake equipped with fixed bracket.
Newheek remote control switch is divided into 1, 2 and 3 levels. Suitable for different types of X-ray machines.
Our remote control switch can meet your different purchasing needs.

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