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Regular maintenance of exposure hand switch

Author:Amy    Time:6月 03, 2020

Exposure hand switch maintenance.
Reasons for maintenance: If a hospital counts the number of uses at 50 people/day, the exposure hand switch will be used more than 30,000 per year. The equipment will wear out the internal parts of the exposure hand switch due to high frequency use. Presumably everyone has seen older equipment Occasionally, the hand switch device is pressed but it is not exposed, so how to perform simple maintenance on the hand switch that has a long service life?
First, the exposure hand switch needs to be disassembled
The maintenance of the hand switch is mainly to wipe off the dust accumulation on the copper shrapnel inside. You can use a cotton swab or a little alcohol to wipe the surface of the copper shrapnel until it is clean.
The contact points should also be cleaned with a cotton swab to increase the sensitivity of the device.
Then apply a little lubricating oil to the contacts to extend the life of the hand switch
Finally, the hand switch is installed, and this time the hand switch maintenance is done.
In fact, this process is not complicated, the key is to persevere and maintain regularly.

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