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Received feedback from Georgia buying the exposure hand switch

Author:Lillian    Time:6月 30, 2021

I received feedback from Georgia buying the exposure hand switch. This customer bought our L02 4-core 3m exposure hand switch to replace the hand switch on the previous machine. Since we have the stock, it will be sent to the customer soon. After receiving it, the customer said they liked it very much, was very satisfied with our products, and hoped that we could have further cooperation.
Let’s first introduce this exposure hand switch:
1. Model: L02 (hand switch, exposure hand brake, hand brake)
2. Overview: The first step is to control the exposure preparation state, the second step is to control the exposure
3. Parameters:
(1) Mechanical parameters: mechanical life ≤ 200,000 times
Handle size: 10.5cm width: 3cm
Hand brake wire length: 4 cores 3 meters (wire can be customized)
Gear position: 2 gears
Electrical parameters:
Electrical life ≤ 400,000 times
Working voltage: AC: 125V 1A
DC: 30V 2A
4. Material: (1) Matte surface
(2) Smooth surface
5. Advantages: (1) The design of internal double knobs and double micro switches.
(2) Spring bar trigger design.
(3) The button switch is a concave step
6. Scope of application: digital filming machine, digital DR gastrointestinal machine, DRX light machine, C-arm
We are a professional manufacturer of X-ray machine accessories. Our company’s exposure hand switches, high-voltage cables, chest film holders, etc. are exported to more than 200 countries and regions. If you are interested in our products, please contact us, we have high-quality products and considerate service, welcome to consult!

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