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Realize the separation of human and X-ray machine wireless USB X-ray foot switch

Author:Lillian    Time:5月 10, 2021

Then I will explain to you a very convenient X-ray foot switch in this article. Through the description and introduction of the X-ray foot switch in the previous articles, everyone must have a good understanding of the X-ray foot switch. The model is available. If the shortcut key for image acquisition in your company’s ultrasound workstation software is F2, you can use our line to connect the X-ray foot switch and handle you need to realize the convenient function of image acquisition. The product is equivalent to a standard HID USB keyboard and mouse. It can define the switch as any key of your keyboard through the setting software. If you find the pile of wires on the X-ray foot switch very troublesome, this wireless USB X-ray foot switch will definitely be your favorite.There is no need to install the driver key combination, mouse or string, and no other software is needed during the use process. If you are interested, please remember to contact us.

Our company not only produces X-ray foot switch, but also specializes in the production of various vertical and mobile chest film racks, image intensifier TV systems and various types of X-ray machine parts!In addition, our company specializes in producing various Vertical, mobile chest film racks, various types of x-ray machine parts, if you have similar items X-ray high voltage cable, please call to discuss.

Introduction to the Method of Using Foot Switch

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