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Push switch: proper use can extend the x ray tube life

Author:Glinda    Time:9月 18, 2018

Push switch first step and second steps press the way that affects the lifespan of the x ray tube.The higher the temperature of the tube filament, the shorter its life.When the first step of push switch is pressed, the DR device will immediately heat the bulb filament, and immediately lower the filament temperature to protect the filament when exposed to the hot state of about 200 degrees or more.
What is an incorrect push switch exposure?Push switch is mostly too slow.Some operators are used to push switch 2 file points 2 times according to the first one exposure after press the green circle off, then light up when the second gear when press again, if the second leg of the total pressure time was controlled in about 2 seconds, it is completely correct, however, if the operator in patients with no connection position under the condition of press a and the second leg, x ray tube filament will be under the thermal state what also don’t wait, to shorten the life span of the lamp tube.
Push switch
The correct way to do this, Newheek suggests pushing switch: once the green circle lights up, you can press the second switch in one or two seconds to end the exposure and hear the sound.
Newheek push switch can be divided into wired hand brake and wireless push switch, which adopts mechanical press lever drive, and push switch component adopts “OMRON” micro-switch, with longer service life and higher sensitivity.

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