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Proper use of the switch

Author:Glinda    Time:2月 21, 2019

The switch has one gear, two and three. They are applicable to different types of X-ray machines. But for the most part, the two-file X-ray hand switch is the most widely used. Many people use the switch is not the correct way, the first switch down speed is too slow.Some operators are used to the switch 2 file 2 times by press, the first gear after the press, exposure green circle off, again lit up, and then press the second file.If the total press time of the second gear is controlled at about 2 seconds, it is completely correct.
However, if the operator presses the first gear, but still allows the patient to be positioned and the second gear is not connected, the bulb filament will wait in vain in the scorching state, which will greatly reduce the filament life and shorten the bulb life sharply.
Proper use of the switch
Second, the switch is stuck, and there is a lot of resistance when pressed, or when pressed, the key pops out unsuccessfully. This kind of circumstance, can make bulb filament heats for nothing likewise, shorten bulb life badly. Hand brake should be replaced immediately.
But what is the proper use of the two-speed switch?
Newheek answered this question. The correct switch press mode is that after the light green circle is on, you can press the handle 2 times at a time for 12 seconds to complete the exposure, and at the same time you can hear the exposure prompt.
Newheek switch can meet your different needs.

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