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Problems with digital switches

Author:Glinda    Time:4月 16, 2019

Digital switches are an important part of X-ray machines.By manually pressing down the gear of the medical X-ray machine, the X-ray hand switch enables the medical X-ray machine to prepare and expose.
Problems with digital switches
But there are always problems in the use of digital switches which we have summarized as follows:
1, digital switches cause poor contact oxidation when used for a long time.
2, in the first gear or second gear will appear a gear up phenomenon.
3, there will be the phenomenon of gear lever fracture.
4. The wire at the root will be disconnected due to a long time of pulling, and the second gear cannot be exposed.
5. The wires in all digital switches are copper thin silk threads which are very thin, but the wires in hand switches are caused by over current and are burnt off due to large current.
Our digital switches have spring wires of 3m 3, 3m 4, 6m 3, 6m 4, 6m 6 and 10m 3 which can be equipped with, the length of which can be customized according to customer requirements.
Newheek digital switches can cater to your various procurement needs.

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