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Order L01 type hand switch sample for infusion set

Author:Lillian    Time:5月 11, 2021

Shanghai*Medical Company intends to order samples of our L01 type  hand switch, and the content of communication with customers is as follows:

The customer saw an L01 type hand switchfrom our official website, and asked how much? I want to use it in a newly developed project.

Their hand switch is intended to be used in the newly developed infusion set. There are no special requirements. They want to purchase a hand switch with a better appearance and higher price. Can our company provide a sample for free? If the test passes, we will purchase in large quantities later, mainly for foreign projects.

At present, there are five kinds of hand brake switches in our company: L01, L02, L03, L04, 106 type, of which L06 type is: a dental hand switch with a first gear, 2 cores and 3 meters, and the others are a second gear, usually It can be made into 3 cores 3 meters or 4 cores 3 meters, of course we can accept special customization. Under normal circumstances, our hand switch cannot be provided free of charge. If your company decides to purchase, we can deduct the cost of this sample from the subsequent cooperation. Do you think about what model specification you want? After considering it, I will quote you again.

The customer looked at the website and found that the appearance of the L01 model is better. The second gear is available, 3 cores 3 meters or 4 cores 3 meters. Please quote the price.

From the picture, the customer felt that the appearance of the L03 model was a bit large, and it was estimated that it would be a little difficult for the nurse to hold it all by hand… I think the LO1 type hand switch (see the picture below) feels more suitable.

Currently, Shanghai* Medical has purchased our L01 type hand switch for project research and development.

Control switches are used in type C-arms

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