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Newheek X-ray machine exposure hand switch advantages

Author:Lillian    Time:6月 22, 2021

We in Newheek are a leading enterprise in the production of X-ray machine accessories. The products we sell include X-ray machine exposure hand switch, wire grid, image intensifier (multiple brands can be replaced), filming bed, etc. In this issue, let’s take a look at why the sales volume of the X-ray machine exposure hand switch is far ahead in the industry.
First of all, the X-ray machine exposure hand switch produced by Newheek has as many as 7 styles to choose from (L01-L06, L10), each with different characteristics, and adopts an ergonomic design to meet the preferences of different consumers. L01-L06 these six X-ray machine exposure hand brake switch parts can be customized: the material is matte surface and smooth surface, and the connection plug and core wire length can be customized according to customer requirements. The six models adopt dual-knob and dual-micro switch design, spring-loaded trigger design, button material difference (metal button, plastic button, flat button, concave button), and Omron switch design has a longer service life. Applicable to a variety of different X-ray machines: digital filming machine, digital DR gastrointestinal machine, DRX machine, C-arm, portable X-ray machine, veterinary X-ray machine, dental X-ray machine, X-ray for gastrointestinal examination Machine waiting. The switch life is as long as 400,000 times!
Our Newheek X-ray machine exposure hand switch will definitely be your first choice. To purchase or want to know more detailed parameters, please log on to our Newheek official website:https://www.xrayswitch.com/.

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