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NEWHEEK produces the X ray Foot Switch

Author:Sean    Time:September 01, 2020

(X ray Foot Switch)

The X Ray Foot switch and x Ray Hand switch do the same thing, controlling the exposure state.
The XD Series X Ray Foot Switch manufactured by NEWHEEK adopts the engineering plastics with flame retardant, reinforcement and chemical resistance, and the medical disinfectant can be cleaned safely.
The split-type structure can be easily combined into a two-bit or multi-bit form.
Built-in OMRON microswitch, gold alloy contact, CE, UL, C-UL, VDE certified switch, and sealed inside the housing to ensure water proof, dust proof, oil proof grade up to IP68, in accordance with IEC/EN60529 standard.

Standard configuration for RVV0.5 was x 2 m cables, can also according to the need to customize and install Φ 6.35 mm audio plug, Φ 3.5 mm audio plug, DB9 serial port plugs or other cable end as required.
X Ray Foot Switch features:

Flame retardant reinforced engineering plastic shell, excellent material selection, novel and unique shape, high structural strength, chemical resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance.

In line with the general technical requirements of medical electrical equipment IEC60601-1 standard.

Long – time operation of fatigue – free rear – step structure.

Medical and health equipment, entertainment equipment, communication field widely used.

Oil proof, water proof, dust proof grade up to IP68, in line with IEC/EN60529 standard.
Application of foot brake switch:

(1) Various medical devices
Laser scalpel, B-ultrasound, film bed, gastrointestinal machine, vertical penetration machine, medical bed, dental equipment, ophthalmic optometry equipment
(2) Light industrial machinery
Sewing machines, ironing equipment, shoe machines, textile machinery
(3) Manufacturing equipment
Glue dispensing machine, welding machine, assembly line, electronic manufacturing equipment
(4) Instrumentation equipment
Projector, mapping instrument, office equipment, calibration tester, airport baggage conveying system, storage system, package sorting system, three-dimensional parking lot

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Foot control x ray for the perspective procedure

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About us: Newheek manufactures different types of x ray hand switches and x ray foot switches. X ray exposure hand switch is mainly used on portable x ray, mobile x ray, stationary x ray, analog x ray, digital x ray, radigraphy x ray etc x ray equipment. As well as X ray exposure hand switch is applicable to beauty laser device, healthy recovery device etc field. X ray foot switch is widely used on medical fluoroscopy x ray machine, ultrasound, health beauty equipment and industrial etc field.
The quality is assurance, the reasonable price, welcome to order or customize our x ray hand switch and x ray foot switch.

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