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Newheek L04 exposure hand switch customization

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:10月 21, 2020

I have an Indian customer who has purchased several batches of hand switches from our company. Their company is an X-ray machine, and it can be regarded as a relatively well-known large company in the local area. It is quite cautious about the purchased materials and strictly examines the suppliers. So why would such a strict company choose our company? Of course it is because our company’s products are good! This customer mainly purchases our L04 hand switch, let’s take a look at this hand switch together.
This hand switch itself is larger than the wired hand switches such as L01, L02, L05, L06, etc., which is more suitable for European and American use. The surface of the hand switch is frosted, with heavy materials and good texture. The two built-in switches are controlled by Omron micro switches, which have a longer mechanical life and electrical life, which also makes the hand switch have a longer service life.
The conventional cords of our hand switch are four meters and six meters long. If you want more quantity, you can customize it. For example, my Indian customer, he wants 4-core 5 meters, because of the quantity required. Most of them are customized individually for him.
If you want to get a sample of exposure hand switch, please contact us.info@xrayswitch.com
L04 exposure hand switch

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