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Newheek Inquiry Shenzhen Customer Inquiry Hand Brake Switch L05 Type

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:3月 10, 2023

Newheek Inquiry Shenzhen customer inquired about hand switch L05, used for medical X-ray machines, asked if it was in stock, wanted to buy a sample first, and chat with WeChat. Ask if the customer is using it on dental equipment? The L05 hand brake switch is equipped with LED lights, and the customer claims that it is used in dental X-ray machines. Ask the customer how many meters the cable length is? The customer said that it is 3 meters written on the link, can this length be customized? I was informed that the normal length is 3 meters, and the length of 6 meters can also be ordered, saying that the sample of 3 meters is fine, and the price has been quoted to the customer.
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