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Model L05 X-ray exposure hand switch

Author:Lillian    Time:4月 21, 2021

A Russian customer asked about our company’s L05 X-ray exposure hand switch, they are used on dental X-ray machines. Their original exposure hand switch is broken, and they want to buy an L05 2 core 3 meter exposure hand switch from our company. The exposure hand switch is a switch that controls the static imaging of the X-ray machine. Model L05 X-ray exposure hand switch is mainly used for dental X-ray machines, digital gastrointestinal machines, and gastrointestinal X-ray machines.
The characters of L05 is as below:
Adopt Omron Inner Switch
Mechanical Life of 200,000 Times
Super ABS Housing
Electric Life of 400,000 Times
According to the specifications and joint methods required by the customer, we send the parcle to the customer via DHL. After receiving the L05 X-ray exposure hand switch, the customer is very satisfied and praised. If there is an opportunity, continue to cooperate with our company.
Our company Newheek specializes in the production of various X-ray machine accessories and parts. Welcome to inquire if necessary.

Which X-ray machine is suitable for the x ray exposure hand switch?

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