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Micro limit switch can be used for dental examinations

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:9月 04, 2018

Micro limit switch can be used for dental examinations

Micro limit switch is used for dental X-ray system.Panoramic x-rays are automatically and instantaneously obtained by the computer.It electronically checks, stores, or communicates through simple instructions.No darkroom, no film, no chemicals, no wasted processing time.So dental radiation has good mobility.Micro limit switch controls exposure.You don’t need a support worker to make a better diagnosis.High resolution and high sensitivity digital sensors ensure consistent image quality.Images can be processed by filters to enhance important details, and can be scaled up to perform a full dental survey as needed.Standard adult panoramic view, children panoramic view, left, right and front view, with the lowest radiation quantity, can be displayed on the same image and closed image.Experienced in digital imaging integration;Existing systems provide support, updates and upgrades, and help you implement new systems.Panoramic and head shadow measurement imaging.Newheek micro limit switch can help doctors keep away from radiation, exposure quickly and control flexibly.

Newheek has many types of micro limit switches,welcome to contact us for micro limit switch with Email info@xrayswitch.com

Micro limit switch

Micro limit switch

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