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Medical foot switch is used for all sorts of medical apparatus and instruments

Author:Lillian    Time:7月 01, 2021

Medical foot switch enhanced by flame retardant, and resistance to chemical engineering plastic made from ABS. Medical disinfectant safe cleaning.
Medical foot switch split structures can be easily combined into two or more forms.
Built-in kacon/Omron long-life micro switch, with gold alloy contact inside, completely sealed inside the enclosure, ensuring that the waterproof, dustproof and oil proof grade reaches ip68, in line with iec/en 60529 standard.
The standard 0.5mm squared x 2 meter cable can also be customized and installed according to the needs of db9 serial port plug or other cable plug.Switch colors can be customized and matched as needed.
Medical foot switch for all sorts of medical apparatus and instruments, such as laser scalpel, b ultrasonic, dental equipment, X-ray machine, medical bed ophthalmology optometry equipment.Light industrial machinery – sewing machines, ironing equipment, shoe machines, textile machinery.Manufacturing equipment – dispenser, welding machine, assembly line, electronic manufacturing equipment.
Instrument measuring equipment includes projectors, surveying and mapping instruments, office equipment, calibration tester, airport luggage delivery system, storage system, parcel sorting system and three-dimensional parking lot.
Newheek medical foot switch: mechanical life 20 million times, electrical life 200000 times.

medical foot switch

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