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Material and Construction of switch

Author:Abby    Time:1月 25, 2019

Material and Construction of switch
The material of X ray exposure hand switch is ABS engineering plastic shell. ABS engineering plastic is PC+ABS (engineering plastic alloy). The Chinese name of ABS engineering plastic alloy in chemical industry is PC+ABS. The reason why it is named PC+ABS is that this material not only has excellent heat and weather resistance, dimensional stability and impact resistance of PC resin, but also has excellent processing fluidity of ABS resin. Therefore, the application of thin-walled and complex shape products can maintain its excellent performance, as well as maintain the formability of plastic and a kind of ester material, so that the shape of the switch is smooth and comfortable. The biggest disadvantage of ABS engineering plastics is its heavy weight and poor thermal conductivity. Its forming temperature is between 240 and 265 degrees. ABS will decompose when the temperature is too high and the fluidity of PC material is too low.
The switch made of ABS material has longer service life, safe use, non-conductive and beautiful appearance.
Material and Construction of switch

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