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Limitations of General X-ray exposure hand switch

Author:Abby    Time:December 29, 2018

For the high voltage primary circuit of medical X-ray machine, X-ray exposure hand switch is always used to control it.
When a doctor takes a picture of a patient, his hands should manipulate the buttons on the screen and aperture, his eyes should observe the lesions carefully, his brain should analyze the nature of the lesions according to clinical experience, and at the same time, he should pay attention to loosening the X-ray exposure hand switch. Otherwise, the X-ray machine operates continuously for a long time, which is easy to damage or shorten the life of the X-ray machine, and brings great inconvenience to the doctor’s work.
This is a problem faced by X-ray medical treatment. At present, remote control hand brake has been developed, which will break the shortcoming of X-ray exposure hand switch.
Limitations of General X-ray exposure hand switch

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