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Limit switch is used for small X-ray machines

Author:Glinda    Time:5月 08, 2019

Limit switch is equipped with small X-ray machine to control its exposure. Small X-ray machine is a combined X-ray medical diagnostic equipment, which is suitable for photographing the head, limbs, chest cavity, waist, abdomen and other parts of the human body in wards, emergency rooms, operating rooms, ICU and other places.
It can also be used as an X-ray for family pets or animals in a first-aid station.
X-ray hand switch, remote control dual camera control function.Controlled X – ray machine for accurate and fast exposure.
Limit switch is used for small X ray machines
Compact and beautiful appearance, touch operation panel, mobile flexible, easy to operate.High frequency inverter technology, good quality of ray, low dose of radiation, stable and reliable, good image clarity and contrast.
The Newheek limit switch is available in six models L01,L02,L03,L04,L05, and L06.
Newheek can also provide custom exposure limit switch coil lengths, or configure connectors or brackets.

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