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Is the hand switch cable flexible?

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:9月 03, 2020

Just one of Europe customer receive our hand swith sample and is very satisfied with its quality. He asks one question, whether the hand switch cable can be made into more flexible?
Therefore, here, we would like to share much more hand switch cable flexible professional informations.
Normally, if the cable touch more soft, its coil core is easy to stretch, its reslience is poor. After a period of using, the coild core may become straight.
Therefore, if the cable touch more hard, its coil core is heavy to strech, its reslience is good. Its coild core will keep much longer time than the soft cable.
The above reason is the normal situation. But no matter the cable is soft or hard, it just impact the coil reslience, it doesn’t impact the hand switch quality.
The customer could choose the soft or hard cable according to actual application.
Anyway, Newheek hand switch cables includes 3 core or 4 core. 3 core cable is softer than 4 core cable. As its wire quantity is 1 less than the 4 core. And there are many x ray machine need 4 core cable hand switch to connect the RJ connectors on the end of the cable. Therefore, if you want the soft cable, we suggest you take 3 core cable hand switch is ok. And if you want to connect the RJ connectors, we suggest you take 4 core cable hand switch.
We also have another customer, he want the hand switch cable with most reslience performance. Because most of his x ray machine are used on strong pull environment. Acccording to his such speical application, we make customize hand switch cable for him. Very hard coil cable with very good resilence.

hand switch cable flexible

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