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Iranian customers consult our wireless bluetooth hand switch

Author:Lillian    Time:5月 08, 2021

Received an inquiry from Iran. The client is a medical device manufacturing company, and wants a wireless bluetooth hand switch to complement the company’s products. There are two types of wireless hand switch in our company, one is a wireless hand switch and the other is a wireless bluetooth hand switch. I sent the product information to the customer, and the customer is more interested in our Bluetooth hand switch. Let’s take a look at our wireless bluetooth hand switch:
1. Full-duplex mode based on Bluetooth 4.0 protocol, reliable connection and outstanding wall penetration performance.
2. The indicator light flashes to indicate that the battery is low and the Bluetooth connection is not good.
3. Three-level output mode developed for the characteristics of radiology work.
4. Convenient and easy-to-use receiving end slide rail fixing method and three-way relay contact output.
5. The control method can be customized according to customer requirements
The structure is mainly composed of hand brake, receiving end and wireless hand brake wire
Battery replacement:
1. AAA alkaline battery or rechargeable battery.
2. Open or close the battery cover
(1) To open the battery cover, first use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screws.
(2) Open the battery cover.
(3) Take out the place where the battery is placed under the battery cover and put three batteries in it.
(4) Put it back in place and tighten the screws.
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