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Introduction of Newheek L04 hand switch

Author:Lillian    Time:May 28, 2021

The Newheek L04 hand switch itself is larger than the wired hand switchs such as L01, L02, L05, and L06, which is more suitable for the large palms of Europeans and Americans. The surface of the L04 hand switch is frosted, with heavy materials and good texture. The two built-in switches are all controlled by Omron’s micro switches, and the mechanical life and electrical life are relatively long, which also makes the service life of the L04 hand switch relatively long.
The conventional cords of our hand switch are four meters and six meters long. If you need more, you can customize it.
Our annual demand for hand switches is very large. With such a large customer demand, what are hand switches used for? The X-ray exposure hand switch is specially used for X-ray machines. It mainly controls X-ray exposure. The exposure hand switch can keep people away from the radiation of the X-ray machine, especially doctors and people who are exposed to X-rays for a long time. Radiation is reduced to a minimum, so that people who have been exposed to X-ray machines for a long time have a certain degree of protection. X-exposure hand switches are mainly used in application X-ray machines, power X-ray machines and veterinary X-ray machines.

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About us: Newheek manufactures different types of x ray hand switches and x ray foot switches. X ray exposure hand switch is mainly used on portable x ray, mobile x ray, stationary x ray, analog x ray, digital x ray, radigraphy x ray etc x ray equipment. As well as X ray exposure hand switch is applicable to beauty laser device, healthy recovery device etc field. X ray foot switch is widely used on medical fluoroscopy x ray machine, ultrasound, health beauty equipment and industrial etc field.
The quality is assurance, the reasonable price, welcome to order or customize our x ray hand switch and x ray foot switch.

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