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Image acquisition hand switch function

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:9月 23, 2022

After the X-ray machine emits rays through the human body, the imaging system converts the X-rays into images. In this process, an important control switch is needed, which is usually called the hand switch. The main function of the image acquisition hand brake switch is to control the exposure state of the X-ray machine. According to the different types of X-ray machines used, the handbrake is mainly divided into two different types: one gear and two gears.
The first hand brake is mainly used on small X-ray machines. Press the hand brake to achieve direct exposure; the second hand brake is mainly used on some large X-ray machines. Press the first gear to prepare for exposure, and press the second gear to achieve exposure.
In addition, different X-ray machines have different control circuits, and the plugs and wiring methods of the handbrake are also different. Common plug types include crystal heads, aviation plugs, FFA plugs, etc.
Generally, the handbrake sold does not contain a plug. If you need to include a plug, you need to provide the type of plug and wiring method drawings, and then connect the handbrake and the plug according to the wiring method provided by the customer. If the wiring method is different, the handbrake cannot be used. In addition, the handbrake is generally equipped with a standard handswitch base, which can easily fix the handswitch on the X-ray machine.

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