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How to use x ray exposure hand switch correctly

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:11月 19, 2020

In the clinical application of x ray exposure hand switch, you will press and expose x ray exposure hand switch dozens of times and hundreds of times every day. However, this repeated operation every day contains great knowledge. Proper use of x ray exposure hand switch can significantly extend the service life of the bulb tube.
x ray exposure hand switch
x ray exposure hand switch is controlled for exposure, and the pressing of the first and second gear of x ray hand switch affects the life of the bulb tube. The higher the temperature of the bulb, the shorter the life. When the first leg of the x ray exposure hand switch is pressed, the DR device will immediately heat the bulb filament and immediately lower the filament temperature to protect the filament from exposure to the hot state of about 200 degrees or more.

Newheek x ray exposure hand switch is divided into wire and wireless, which adopts mechanical press bar transmission, and the switch module adopts “OMRON” micro switch, with longer service life and higher sensitivity.
Newheek can also provide crystal or air connector.
Our x ray exposure hand switch meets your different needs.

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