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How to connect the X-ray machine to replace the new exposure handswitch?

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:4月 25, 2022

The X-ray handswitch is a hand-held switch, usually set to two gears, but there are also one gear handbrake (such as a dental handbrake) and three gears. The two-speed handbrake grading switch is turned on when the button is pressed, and turned off when released. Press the button to the first step I gear is connected, and all the I gears are turned on. At this time, the I gear is still connected, and the handbrake is equipped with Fixed bracket. The detection method of the wiring of the X-ray hand brake switch: The X-ray hand brake switch is kept in the first gear (READY) state, and the multimeter is used to detect the 1-4 pins of the crystal plug. Method: The multimeter modulates the diode detection gear, use the red and black test pens to connect the multimeter to make a tweet, use the red test pen of the multimeter to place the 1st pin of the crystal head, and use the black test pen to detect the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th feet in turn; then the red pen 2 feet, the black pen -3 feet, black pen 4 feet, and so on. This method can detect the wiring mode of the first gear (READY) of the X-ray hand brake switch (record the pin number of the plug).
The detection method of X-ray hand brake switch second gear (X-RAY) is the same as that of first gear (READY).
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