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How to choose the hand switch that can be exposed by X-ray machine on the c-arm

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:2月 02, 2023

Everyone is curious about how to choose the hand switch that can be exposed by the X-ray machine for the C-arm. The following editor will talk about how to choose thehand switch for the X-ray machine that can be used for the C-arm.
First of all, let me popularize the knowledge of c-arm X-ray machine: the difference between c-arm X-ray machine and ordinary X-ray machine is that c-arm is used for imaging, photography, etc. in various operations, and c-arm X-ray The machine is used in orthopedics for bone setting, reduction, and nailing. In surgery, it is used for foreign body removal, cardiac catheterization, pacemaker implantation, partial interventional therapy, partial angiography, and local photography. The C-arm X-ray machine is an X-ray machine that can be used for fluoroscopy and filming, but for fluoroscopy and filming, it needs to be controlled by a hand switch or a switch, which cannot be completed by a control switch. The C-arm can be used for X-ray How to choose the camera exposure hand brake switch? Our exposure hand brake has three gears: one gear, two gears, and three gears, and the second gear and the third gear can be used for C-arm X-ray machines.
If you also want to buy a hand switch that can be exposed by an X-ray machine for the c-arm, please contact us, we will recommend the most suitable one for you, our phone number (whatsapp): +8618953679166!

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