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How to choose the button of the hand brake switch of the X-ray machine?

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:2月 07, 2022

Generally, we recommend choosing a handbrake with an Omron switch. After all, the quality of the Omron switch is trustworthy.
Under normal circumstances, arcs will be generated during the use of switches, and the generation of arcs is the main reason for the aging of switch contacts. The momentary opening and closing can shorten the size and time of the arc, so the micro switch can control a larger current with a smaller appearance.
High precision is also very important. The handbrake switch needs to ensure that it can touch the same contacts and positions within its service life, no matter how it is pressed. Durability In the long-term use of the hand brake switch, it can prolong the life and improve the cost performance of the product.
In addition, according to the use environment, some hand brake switches will also be sealed, which is suitable for use in various scenarios.

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