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How to choose between L01 type hand switch and L02 type cable switches

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:8月 30, 2018

How to choose between L01 type hand switch and L02 type cable switches?

Cable switches are commonly used by medical staff in the radiation room, so the choice of cable switches should be considered in all aspects.

For how to choose between L01 and L02 cable switches, we should see the similarities and differences between L01 and L02 hand switch.

First of all, Newheek L01 and L02 are two-step cable switches, essentially no great difference, both are driven by mechanical lever, switch components using “OMRON” micro-switch, service life, high sensitivity. So, we have to consider the appearance of the L01 hand switch button is round, flat, but divided into smooth surface and frosted surface, according to customer needs customized, and L02 is also round button, but the button is concave face, belongs to smooth surface.

This paper introduces the difference between L01 and L02, mainly the difference of appearance. For the choice of L01 and L02, choose your favorite appearance.

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