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How to assemble the x ray hand switch

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:July 24, 2018

Can I just use Newheek x ray hand switch handle and use my own coil wire to make self assemble? If so, how to assemble the x ray switch?

Newheek x ray switch includes two assemble way, one by glue seal the hand switch end with the wire and the other the switch handle can be open, the customer could make self assembly.

For example, L04 switch handle can be chosed as open type or sealed type. The sealed type is sealed by the glue before leaving the factory, and the customer just tell Newheek to connect what kind of wire is okay. The open type, the customer not only ask Newheek to weld it in advance but also can make self connection. Follows are the pictures of L04 hand switch handle open type pictures.

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