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How many sections of Newheek’s hand switch?

Author:Lillian    Time:4月 09, 2021

Newheek has six types of hand switch, of hand which L01, L02 and L04 are second-class, L03 is third-class, L05 and L06 are first-class.
The hand switch is usually a hand-held switch. It is equipped with a two-stage grading switch which is opened by pressing a button. The first step is connected by pressing the button to the first step, and all the second gear is connected by pressing the button. At this time, the first gear is still connected.
Outwardly speaking, the L01 and L02 sides are circular, streamlined design of the exterior fits hand, beautiful and generous, comfortable to touch. L04 type hand brake side for the prism design, the appearance is more textured, corner design is easy to grasp, beautiful and generous.
These three types of hand switch have standard brackets and coils. The coil has three length types, 3M, 6m and 10m, and customers can customize them according to their needs.
There are also three kinds of hand switch connectors, namely, crystal head, metal sheet and aviation connector. Customers can choose according to their own needs. Generally, the default is crystal connector.

Reasons for selection of two-stage handbrake switches

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