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How does the exposure handswitch work?

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:8月 19, 2022

In clinical applications, you will press the exposure handswitch hundreds of times a day. But you never thought that there is also learning in this simple action that is repeated a lot every day. Using the exposure handbrake in the correct operation mode can effectively prolong the service life of the X-ray tube. So how does the exposure handbrake work?
Correct exposure operation: When pressing the first gear of the handbrake, about 0.5-1 second, you can continue to press the second gear to complete the exposure and hear the beep of the exposure prompt.
Principle: The higher the temperature of the X-ray tube filament, the faster the filament volatilizes and the shorter the life. When the first exposure switch of the handbrake is pressed, the X-ray tube will immediately preheat the filament of the tube core, and the temperature of the filament will be heated to an incandescent state of about 2000 degrees. After exposure, the filament stops heating and the temperature drops to protect the X-ray tube filament.
Wrong exposure operation: 1. The interval between the two gears of the handbrake is too long, and the second gear is pressed slowly. Some operators are accustomed to pressing the 2nd gear of the handbrake twice. After pressing the first gear, the interval is too long before pressing the second gear. If the total pressing time of the second gear is controlled at about 2 seconds, there is no problem. However, if the operator presses the first gear, but still sets the position and presses the second gear without connection, the X-ray tube filament will continue to volatilize in a hot state, the filament will be lost in vain, and the life of the tube will be shortened accordingly. 2. The handbrake button is stuck, and the ejection is not smooth. In this case, there is also a chance that the tube filament will be heated in vain, shortening the life of the tube. This situation requires replacement of the handbrake to keep the device in good working order.

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