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How does an X-ray exposure hand switch work?

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:10月 13, 2023

An X-ray exposure hand switch is a device that allows a radiographer to control the timing and intensity of X-ray exposure. It works by completing an electrical circuit, which activates the X-ray generator when the switch is pressed. Here’s how it works:
The hand switch consists of a button connected to a control cable.
When the radiographer presses the button, it completes the electrical circuit, sending a signal to the X-ray generator.
The X-ray generator then starts producing X-rays, releasing them through the X-ray tube.
The duration of X-ray exposure is determined by how long the button is pressed. Releasing the button interrupts the circuit, ending the exposure.
Some X-ray exposure hand switches have additional features, such as a lockout mechanism that prevents unintended or accidental exposures.
The hand switch is typically connected to the X-ray control panel using a cable, allowing the radiographer to control the X-ray exposure from a safe distance.
It is important for radiographers to follow proper safety protocols and guidelines when operating the X-ray exposure hand switch to minimize radiation exposure risks for themselves and the patient.
Overall, the X-ray exposure hand switch provides a convenient and intuitive way for radiographers to control X-ray exposure times and ensure accurate and safe imaging.
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