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Handbrake switch using omron c2u

Author:Abby    Time:2月 22, 2019

The X-ray exposure hand switch is a commonly selected control switch. The hand brake switch is easy to use and easy to operate.
In medical treatment, the handbrake switch is used to control the exposure of the X-ray machine and is an important part of the X-ray machine. Therefore, the service life of the hand brake is also very important. In recent years, the omron c2u switch has been widely used in hand brake switches.
Huading Electronics’ manual switch uses mechanical push rod drive, and the switch assembly uses the omron c2u switch.

Handbrake switch using omron c2u


So, what is the reason why microswitches are widely used?
The micro switch is a contact mechanism with a small contact interval and a snap mechanism, which performs a switching action with a prescribed stroke and a prescribed force, and is covered by a casing, and a switch having a drive rod externally thereof is compared because of the contact pitch of the switch. Small, hence the name micro switch, also known as sensitive switch. The electrical text symbol is: SM. The use of the omron c2u switch is a longer life and higher sensitivity of the hand brake switch.
Handbrake switch using omron c2u

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