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Handbrake switch for high frequency machine

Author:Abby    Time:February 20, 2019

What are the specific requirements for the x ray hand switch to control the high frequency machine?
First, we know about high frequency machine. The high frequency machine with high-voltage generator frequency around 40KHz has stable X-ray quality, low ripple coefficient, stable image and few scattering lines. It is the first choice of modern X-ray machine.
Handbrake switch for high frequency machine
What are the advantages of hand brake switches for controlling high frequency machine?
Hand brake switch is made of ABS engineering plastic shell, which has excellent heat and weather resistance, dimensional stability and impact resistance, as well as excellent processing fluidity of ABS resin. The hand brake switch has smooth shape, comfortable grip, longer service life, safe use, non-conductive and beautiful appearance. Therefore, ABS engineering energy-saving plastic material handbrake switch used in high frequency machine is suitable and practical.
Handbrake switch for high frequency machine

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