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newheek x-ray hand switch

Hand switch for mobile high frequency X ray machine

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:8月 28, 2018

Hand switch for mobile high frequency X ray machine

X-ray high-frequency high-voltage generator and micro-focus X-ray tube system adopt integrated structure, high-frequency inversion technology, which greatly improves the image quality and produces high-quality X-ray. Microcomputer control system, shooting conditions can be set to set the hV priority mode mA priority control mode, mAs mode and a body posture exposure preset mode. The column can rotate about (+) 90 degrees, the bedside operation is more flexible and convenient, the arm lifting and left and right rotation is controlled by one key, the air spring is used to support and lock, and the use is more stable and reliable. The fuselage is made of three-dimensional design and high-precision CNC refining of high-quality steel. The lifting motion adopts air spring hydraulic technology. The movement is smooth and light, no noise, beautiful shape and advanced structure. The structure design of the whole machine is ten tight, reasonable and durable, flexible and flexible.

Mobile high-frequency X-ray machine suitable for hand switches, the NK Series in Newheek can be matched to meet the needs of different people.

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