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Footswitch enclosure is used by mammography machines

Author:Glinda    Time:3月 25, 2019

Footswitch enclosure is the process of controlling the dynamic perspective. The foot steps down, the X-ray comes out and the foot lifts up.
X-ray foot switch can control the exposure of breast machine, and its concise column design can detect the vertical movement of the arm by 78 cm. Check the left arm rotated 160 °, 180 ° rotating to the right. The short base design makes the examination more convenient.
Footswitch enclosure is used by mammography machines
The quick operation button foot brake located on the handrail is a simple and fast operation mode. The foot brake can not only control the pressure, but also control the lifting and rotating Angle indicator for doctors to accurately locate.The cassette type of two-way operation allows loading and unloading on the left and right sides.
The 91-line/inch high-density filter grid can effectively filter the comments on the image of stray scattering lines through the marking of the film.
The Newheek footswitch enclosure is a single file; its enclosure consists of enclosure and enclosure without frame, radian and plane. Footswitch enclosure can also be used to control the movement of a flat bed.
Newheek footswitch enclosure is customizable waterproof.The length can also be customized according to customer needs.

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