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Foot switch for x ray machinec

Author:Lillian    Time:5月 05, 2021

Foot switch is the process of controlling dynamic perspective. As long as you step on the exposure foot switch, you can get a high-quality image and observe the current perspective dose.

The foot switch controls the exposure of the mammogram machine, which is equipped with a high-definition flat screen breast detector to create sharp digital images. A variable-speed movable focusing special breast filter grid was used for imaging without artifacts.
X-ray foot switch controls dynamic exposure.High voltage generator 80kHz high frequency inverter technology, output ripple smaller, imaging more clear.The use of solid ultra-thin imaging materials and design, X – ray attenuation is small, X – ray dose safety.
The dynamic range of the image is wide, even in some parts of the exposure conditions are difficult to grasp, just foot switch, you can get a good image.
The image is clear and delicate, and the doctor can carry out a variety of post-processing on the image according to the need to obtain more diagnostic information. The shooting process is simple and fast, which can reduce the workload of technicians and improve work efficiency.
Newheek foot switch is divided into single, double, triple and quadruple, and users can choose the foot switch according to their X-ray machine.

High-quality pedal switch configuration and useThe medical X ray foot switch controls the c arm

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