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Foot light switch is used to control mammography

Author:Glinda    Time:10月 10, 2018

Foot light switch controls the exposure of the breast machine, the breast X-ray machine, the more concise design of the stand column, and the detection arm moves 78 cm vertically. Check the left arm rotated 160 °, 180 ° rotating to the right. The short base design makes patient examination more convenient. The foot light switch not only controls the pressure, but also controls the lifting and rotating Angle marker, which is convenient for physicians to locate accurately.The tank-like bidirectional operation allows for loading and removal on the left and right sides. The 91 line/inch high density filter grid can effectively filter out comments on stray line images by film marking.
Newheek foot light switch can be divided into single and double groups. Foot light switch is made of flame retardant, reinforced and chemical-resistant engineering plastics. The combined structure can be easily combined into two or more forms.In the medical field, used in a variety of medical instruments, laser scalpel, Bultrasound, photographic bed, gastrointestinal machine, vertical machine, medical bed, dental equipment, ophthalmic optometry equipment.In light industrial machinery, applied in sewing machines, ironing equipment, shoe machines, textile machinery.
In addition, Newheek foot light switch can also be customized with waterproof function.
Foot light switch

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