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Extreme foot: convenient and labor-saving control switch

Author:Abby    Time:9月 21, 2018

With the emergence of various electrical appliances and mechanical equipment in life, various types of control switches are widely used. In these many switches, extreme foot is a very good choice. In this way, we will save the problem of bending down to control the circuit breakage.
In the medical field, the extreme foot can be used to control fluoroscopy. When the extreme foot is pressed, the X-ray machine continuously emits X-rays. When the foot is lifted, the extreme foot is loosened and the X-ray emission is disconnected. In this process of continuously releasing X-rays, the extreme foot needs to be pressed all the time, so that the use of the extreme foot is more than the use of the hand brake switch. It saves energy.
Our company is a extreme foot manufacturer, can be dynamic imaging X-ray machine manufacturers, breast machine manufacturers, B ultrasound manufacturers to provide extreme foot product support.

extreme foot

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