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Egypt customer inquiry handswitch

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:12月 14, 2022

Egyptian customers saw our hand switches on the website and were very interested in our hand  switches.
Our company is a manufacturer that produces and sells hand switchs. The hand switchs we produce have a variety of styles, which are divided into wired and wireless. The first step controls the exposure directly, and the second step of L01/L02/L04, the first step controls the exposure preparation state, the second part controls the exposure, the third step of L03, of which LO5 and L06 are mainly used for dental X-ray machines, and the second step The hand switch is more widely used for sickle arm, double column and other DRX optical machine, digital gastrointestinal machine, gastrointestinal machine and other equipment. Our company also has a wireless hand switch, that is, a Bluetooth hand switch, which completes the exposure by connecting to Bluetooth. It is relatively expensive and easy to use. It has been exported to many countries and has not had any quality problems so far. It is more convenient to use outdoors.
Welcome all customers who need hand brake switches to consult our company, and provide more suitable hand brakes according to your needs. If you want to purchase a large number of wired hand brakes, please contact our salesman. We will provide a sample of wired hand switchs for testing for free.

What are the advantages of the two-position X-ray exposure hand switch L02

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