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Effective remote control distance of wireless bluetooth hand switch

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:3月 17, 2023

An x-ray machine is a device used to generate x-rays, and each x-ray machine is equipped with a hand switch for operating the exposure of the x-ray machine. Since X-rays have radiation, the operator controls the exposure of the X-ray machine through the hand switch, which can avoid close contact with X-rays, thereby reducing the damage of X-rays to the human body. However, the existing X-ray machines are equipped with wired hand switches, infrared hand switches or Bluetooth hand switches, which have the following problems:
The wired hand brake uses a coil spring cable, which can be pulled up to 3 meters. The exposure distance is too short. In actual use, the coil spring cable is often pulled hard, causing the coil spring cable to often suffer from aging and other failures; If the coil spring cable is welded and extended, the signal will deteriorate, and the cable is often dragged, causing frequent failures at the weld, and the cables are staggered and easily knotted, which makes the maintenance cost high and is not practical.
Infrared hand brake adopts infrared technology, which uses infrared light to transmit electrical signals, but because the infrared transmitter and receiver need to face each other in order to transmit signals, they cannot penetrate obstacles, and there must be no obstacles and interference sources in the middle. The remote control distance of the infrared hand switch is short, which has certain limitations and cannot meet the actual needs of clinical operations.
The Bluetooth hand brake adopts Bluetooth technology, and the longest transmission distance is about 10 meters, and because there are many Bluetooth devices, wireless interference between Bluetooth devices is easy to occur.
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