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DR Exposes Hand Switch from Four Cores to Three Cores

Author:Lillian    Time:3月 24, 2021

Recently, many customers inquired about the issue of changing the exposure hand switch from four cores to three cores by our DR. First of all, what are the X-ray machine accessories that our company mainly produces? Mainly include hand switch, foot switch, high-voltage cable, beam beam device, high-voltage generator, chest X-ray stand and filming bed, etc. Our exposure hand switch are mainly divided into wired hand switch , wireless Bluetooth hand switches and radio switches. DR the exposure hand switch is changed from four cores to three cores, so it should be a wired hand switch. Our wired exposure hand switch are mainly divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear switches, the number of inner cores are 2 cores, 3 cores 4 cores and 6 cores respectively. Both four-core and three-core hand brakes are 2-gear, and you can simply remove one wire.
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