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Double foot pedal switch require several core wires

Author:Abby    Time:10月 18, 2018

In medical treatment, foot pedal switch is mainly used to control X-ray machine perspective, x ray foot switch has a single foot pedal switch, double foot pedal switch, triple foot pedal switch, can be multi-customized.
The couplet of foot pedal switch is different, and the core of the foot pedal switch is different. According to the couplet of foot pedal switch, we can configure the coil as follows:
One foot pedal switch is equipped with 2 core wires.
Double foot pedal switch is equipped with 4 core wires.
Triple foot pedal switch is equipped with 4 core or 6 core wire.
The number of the core of the triple foot pedal switch is configured according to the customer’s choice.
The standard configuration of the foot pedal switch is RVV 0.5mm 2 *2m cable. In addition, the plug of the foot pedal switch cable can be selected by itself. It can be customized and installed as needed_6.35mm audio plug, _3.5mm audio plug, DB9 serial port plug or other cable terminations as required.
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