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Author:Jamy    Time:5月 09, 2020

Recently, Guangzhou ** Technology Co., Ltd. consulted the X-ray exposure hand brake of newheek Image. They are used in medical rehabilitation equipment. They are currently in the research and development stage. Their parameters for X ray hand switch are as follows: 1, a file 2 3. With self-locking 3. Withstand voltage greater than 220V and current greater than 10A. With reference to the customer’s parameters, our response is as follows:
1. The hand brake of a gear can use the L06 hand brake switch commonly used in dentistry (see the figure below) 2. The switch with self-locking needs special customization
3. The domestic standard for the voltage resistance and power supply of the hand brake is 36V-2A, and the parameter provided by the customer is greater than 220 volts and the current is greater than 10A. This parameter does not meet the safety factor of directly operating the hand brake. It is recommended that the customer and the relevant departments implement the power and voltage parameters.

Let me explain to you the L06 type hand brake switch of Huarui Image: one-step control switch, 2 cores and 3 meters, mechanical life is 1 million times, electrical life is 200,000 times. It is mainly used in dental portable X-ray machines to photograph single teeth.
The hand brake switch is actually a very simple switch. When the customer selects the model, it is generally based on the number of gears, several cores and several meters, and the appearance of the product. If the customer’s annual purchase volume is large, we can also customize it according to the customer’s needs.

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