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Customized mobile holder button

Author:Abby    Time:February 12, 2019

Customized mobile holder button
A client consulted a second-class X-ray exposure hand switch, requiring that the wire of the second-class mobile holder button be 3 cores and the length of the coil be 20 meters. He wanted to use this mobile holder button to replace the original exposure mobile holder button of MIKASA HF100H bedside X-ray machine in Mikasa, Japan. The design of this mobile holder button is very special. We need to customize it according to the original product. According to our engineer’s production experience for more than ten years, it can be produced completely. At present, Newheek’s second-class mobile holder button coil can be made of three or four core wires. The length of the coil is 3m, 6m and 10m. Newheek has three second-class mobile holder button, two first-class mobile holder button, one third-class mobile holder button and one wireless mobile holder button. Newheek’s mobile holder button type can fully meet the needs of customers.
Customized mobile holder button

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