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Common faults of X-ray Exposure Hand Switch

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:10月 26, 2020

X-ray exposure hand switch is an important part of X-ray machine. The exposure hand switch can control the exposure preparation state and control the exposure of the X-ray machine.

After long-term use of X-ray exposure hand switch, there will be failure. Therefore, we summarize several common faults of exposure handbrake switch.

1 The exposure hand switch will appear oxidation and poor contact after long-term use.
2. The exposure hand switch cannot pop up when it is in the first or second gear.
3. The lever of exposure hand switch is broken.
4. The wire at the root of the handle of exposure hand switch will be disconnected due to long-time pulling.
5. The wire of exposure hand switch is copper wire, and its diameter is small, so the wire of manual switch is easy to break due to high current.

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