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Common failures of snap action switch

Author:Glinda    Time:10月 20, 2018

Snap action switch is the most important part of the X-ray machine, but in many cases, suddenly the X-ray machine cannot be exposed, and X-ray Exposure Hand Switch fails. It affects the efficiency of the hospital or industry. In this regard, we have summarized some common failures of snap action switch. First of all, there will be contact oxidation and poor contact in the long-term use of snap action switch. The other is that the snap action switch will fail to pop up when it is pressed into first or second gear.Third, snap action switch will break the lever.
snap action switch
Secondly, the root of snap action switch will open the wire at the root due to the long pull, thus preventing the exposure of the second gear. Finally, as all of the snap action switch’s lines are copper thin wire with a relatively thin diameter, the line of the hand brake caused by excessive current will be broken due to high current.Therefore, a new type of snap action switch was developed for these faults, which greatly reduced the occurrence of hand brake faults.
Newheek snap action switch is split into wired and wireless. The snap action switch component adopts the “OMRON” micro switch, with longer service life and higher sensitivity. Our snap action switch is divided into three levels, each of which can control different X-ray machines. The coil length of hand brake can be customized to meet the needs of customers.
Newheek snap action switch can meet rent your different purchasing needs.

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