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Classification use of a switching regulator

Author:Glinda    Time:4月 18, 2019

In the medical context, a switching regulator is used to control the static image and the exposure of the x-rays, which can be used to help doctors stay away from radiation.We are experts in producing and selling X-ray hand switch.
The switching regulators are divided into wired and wireless ones. Usually, a wired switching regulator is composed of a handle, a coil, a wire core and a bracket.
Classification use of a switching regulator
Newheek’s wired switching regulator is divided into a pair of two and a three-switch switch based on the number of buttons in the handle. According to the appearance, it can be divided into six models: L01,L02,L03,L04,L05 and L06.
Among them, L01,L02,L04 are two gears, L05,L06 are one gear, and L03 is three gears. Two levels are set to prevent accidental triggering. Usually, two-step switching regulator is used for a general X-ray machine, a one-step switching regulator is usually used for a dental X-ray machine, and a three-step hand brake is usually used for a large X-ray machine.
Newheek switching regulator provides a crystal connector or an air connector.

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